The Uniqueness of Pebble Stone Sea Resort & Restaurant

Pebble Stone Sea Resort & Restaurant has two buildings accommodating eight (8) exclusive rooms in each making a total of 16 in two building. In addition, there are Two (2) other normal rooms. So, the Pebble Stone Sea Resort & Restaurant has a total of 21 rooms.

It is run completely maintaining home environment.

All our rooms are decorated with multi channel TVs, Sofa, Air-conditioning, attached bath, necessary toiletries and, of course, with a Queen-sized bed.

Every room has a balcony which will enable you to enjoy the vast beauty and hear the roaring sound of sea. You will even be able to enjoy the beauty of the sea while lying at your bed and watch the sun set.

An aristocratic and attractive Restaurant is located within our campus. We serve local and foreign food as per your demand with fresh sea-fish. You will enjoy the natural music of the roaring sea, spectacular sight of the hills standing afar even while you dine at our 'One Minute Restaurant.

In addition there are beach-chairs under umbrellas which will intensify your gratification of the natural beauty.

There are sports arrangements for all. For example, badminton and volleyball for adults, and other games enjoyable equipment for children.

You can rent the full campus for your family picnic, other programs or seminar, if you so desire. In that case we shall keep ourselves ready to provide your required services.

Visiting 'Pebble Stone Sea Resort & Restaurant' during rainy season will offer/present you a different natural beauty and the roaring sea. Besides, you will enjoy fishermen's fishing, taste fresh sea-fish, etc. You will enjoy mingling of sea and river with each other and many more.

All shall have the opportunity to change clothes after sea-bathing at our Resort, which is open at all times. Pebble Stone Sea Resort & Restaurant has car parking facilities.

At last, can you find such a place where you will relax avoiding your mechanic lives filled with tension, worries and noises of industries? Hope you will enjoy the natural beauty of Inani Beach at least twice a year and help us stand beside you. Remember, the Pebble Stone Sea Resort & Restaurant has been established only to meet your mental recreation with the vast natural beauty.